Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ragtime at Glenn Manor

The Ragtime ball, as usual, was at Glenn Manor. We ate a fancy dinner, spent some time frolicking in the gardens, and did some significant chilling. And we recycled outfits from the Titanic weekend, which saved a little on sewing. Newport is so much work!
Looking cute outside
Teddy bears dancing!

Mother with an enormous black ostrich feather fan. I am overwhelmed by the beaded peacock fabric of her dress still.
On the stairs. I love sitting on stairs.

More people on the stairs!
Chilling in the garden
We each found the flowers that best matched our outfits, so we have a matched set of pictures in the garden. Here's Raven.
That's me
We walked down to the water for some pictures.
Story time! I love Saki.
Unfortunately, I don't really like the color of this with the dress I was wearing, but this is a wrap I made in pink satin with brown feathers. It is based on one in a museum collection, and I should really do a good post about it someday, but I haven't really worn it yet. Eventually, I will!

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