Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seaside Tea Dance

The next big dress-up event at Newport was the Seaside Tea Dance. My sister Julia and I wore adorable vintage-style bathing suits with hilarious Gibson Girl hair. Pictures...
The bathing beauties on the carousel!
On the actual beach!
And again!
Ok, I admit it. At this point I was having trouble sorting out the good pictures.
Lucky you! A whole set of cute gibson girls on the beach!
Oh, one more! You can't tell, but it was raining when we were out there.
Phew, indoors now. Time to dry off.
And watch the pretty dancers.
Oh, more of them!
I like the back of my head. Fun hair, don't you think?
We were pretty tired by this point.
So we watched other people dance. How nice.


  1. Now, that is the only type of swimming costume practical for the beach in a English summer.

  2. I want that swimming suit!!! Where one earth did you find the pattern? I've been looking for one! Also, what kind of fabric did you make it out of?