Thursday, August 9, 2012

Formal Tea

The next big dressing occassion was formal tea. I wore an old (but still beloved) project - my lavender and white striped trained skirt. Then I made a brand new hat to go with it, covered in rose velvet with a giant blue shot pink silk bow on top. Unfortunately, I failed to pack the intended blouse, but I made due with what I had. I lent Julia my even more fabulous black and white trained skirt. They are made from the same pattern, but I installed an enormous thick and wide black ruffle in that one, which really makes the train look fabulous. I think I either need to do the same for the lavender and white skirt, or maybe I can get away with making a really fantastic petticoat. Either way, I better get on that. I also made Julia wear a fabulous three plumed hat I made, even though it freaked her out when the wind kept blowing them. Mother wore a lovely linen skirt with pretty flanges (they look really good in motion), and I trimmed a hat for her at the last minute with pretty yellow striped silk and a plume of ostrich feathers I dyed orange.
Fabulous skirts
And more!
Matching skirts, but hers looks better
Nice hat, Mother
This landscaped pond is easily the prettiest thing on campus
I couldn't pick a favorite
Protect the hat!
Pretty pretty
Nice hat on Adrian, too.
Walking home, looking silly...


  1. I adore the picture of you ladies walking with your skirts pulled up. Absolutely priceless!

    1. I'm pretty sure that Quinn (on the right) is wearing Astorias!

  2. Spectacular! What amazing photographs. Thanks for sharing the costume inspiration!

    Happy sewing,


  3. Your one captioned "I couldn't pick a favorite" made me do a double take. It looks so much like a Monet or Renoir.

  4. What a fun shot at the end. And the first photo looks like suffragettes on parade. ;)