Friday, March 12, 2010

Emily Loizeau

I say it again - the French are good at Steampunk. If you live in a super mechanical old fashioned looking carousel, you might be Steampunk. If you sound like a demented music box, you might be Steampunk.

This is another song of Mother's, but I have stolen it! Seriously, I think this would make the best dance choreography. Listen carefully - it is part normal waltz (3 or 6 steps, depending on how you think of it... we say 6, usually), but also part 5 step waltz. So bizarre, but wonderful! This means you could never use this music for social dancing. People would get very confused by the transitions, even if they knew five step waltz (not something I would count on). But you could do it as a performance, with dancers who knew the transitions were coming. I have a number of ideas for a choreography, but as yet no dancers to do these choreographies. I will continue looking for them, I suppose.

I turn everything into dance terms. If you don't care, then this is wonderful listening music. If you do care, you will just have to hold your breath until I unleash this as a Steampunk dance performance. Well, don't literally hold your breath... but figuratively. One day...

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