Saturday, March 6, 2010

Endicott House

Yesterday, I took a midterm, ran to lab, and then got on a bus for a science retreat. We went to Endicott House, a really beautiful mansion now turned into a hotel-type-thing. MIT owns it and rents it out for conferences and things. The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers once did an event there. The house is really lovely.
But the grounds are incredible! I'd never seen them before. It was night time when we held a ball there, and last year at my science retreat we weren't there long enough to explore. There were just so many little stone staircases and benches and sundials and arbors and ponds and a water tower. Too many beautiful photo opportunities to count. This would be an incredible place for picnics and swanning about in pretty dresses. Apparently the guy who assembled the grounds (bought the various tracts of land originally) was a major horticulturalists, and there are MIT gardeners who keep things up. So I imagine that when flowers are in bloom it would be even more incredible for picnics.

Basically, the science was really interesting, and the food was delicious, but I am in awe of the beautiful surroundings.

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