Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pine Cone Croquet

Yesterday I went into Harvard Square to drink tea and play croquet, and mostly to look lovely. I wore my fantastic ruffled lilac/white stripe skirt with a train. A friend of mine, back on break from college, made a lovely white trained skirt to wear (really beautiful fabric - it looked lovely) and Mother dug through the closets to help outfit a friend of hers. So here we are, looking lovely with our croquet set.Unfortunately, given how sunny it was and the fact that we are all wearing hats, I have no good pictures of our faces. I mean, certainly not my face. But this looks quite lovely, I think. When we opened the bag with the croquet set, we discovered that there were no wickets! Oops! But we were determined to play, so we improvised... Pine Cone Croquet! Where the object of the game is to hit the pine cone clusters in order. In the final analysis, this is MUCH easier to play than real croquet, because the direction you hit the cones from doesn't matter. The game went very quickly, even though we were all very out of practice, and even despite the divot next to one of our pine cone piles.
I wanted to get a good picture of my skirt in all its half-finished ruffly glory, but none of the pictures really capture how wonderful it is. But here is an entertaining picture of mother's shadow! (I bet it would be a fine picture of me if I were clever enough to crop things, but I am not)

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