Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Most Epic Parasol Ever

A couple days ago I found a picture of the most epic parasol I had ever seen (here). But now, I have found a parasol that is EVEN MORE EPIC. Don't mind the naked lady. She's only mostly naked anyway. This was painted by Aime-Nicolas Morot, if you care. Seriously, though... WHAT AN EPIC PARASOL! I guess it doesn't even count as a fashion accessory, because you could never carry that thing. I don't even know what it would be for. I guess that's why she's using it as a screen to dress behind. EPIC!


  1. It's basically a fallen patio umbrella. I wonder when those were first invented?

  2. I have no idea. But how cool would it be to have a patio umbrella like this instead of an ugly modern one from highly synthetic fabric.