Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gilbert and Sullivan Tea

Today I went to a spring tea held by Harvard's Gilbert and Sullivan Players. I've done the costumes for two of theirs shows - a production of Iolanthe and one of the Sorcerer. But as you can see, they are all very well dressed even without any help from me. This event is particularly hat-centric, and you know how much I like hats. Time for pictures!

First of all, here's what I wore. I am very into skirts with trains right now. Always good for tea, of course. And mopping up spilled tea (careful with trains... hahaha).Here I am with a friend (she helped me with the Iolanthe costumes, and also does costuming for other shows on campus).A friend with her fantastic hat, which she made from a far less fantastic hat. I believe that matching the lining of the hat with the coat was a total coincidence, but it looked great. The rest of her outfit was also lovely, especially her beautiful shoes!A particularly dashing gentleman, sporting a lovely pith helmet. He has excellent taste. The room we were in has these big murals on the wall, and I thought he looked particularly good standing in front of them. He even posed!
Another case of (I think) unintentional matching. Check out the bow tie and dress. It was a particularly lovely dress. And you can never go wrong with top hats, mini or otherwise.
The Board... a very classy bunch... know, some of the time...And also some lovely pictures of pretty people enjoying tea.

Also, perhaps the coolest thing of the day was hearing that somebody actually reads this blog. Yay! Feel free to leave comments... I will read them.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the (many) pictures of lovely people, being elegant!

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  1. This particularly dashing pith-helmeted gentleman is flattered to be featured on your blog!