Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Wonderful Hats of John Hoppner

John Hoppner was an 18th century portrait painter. Several of his paintings include women in wonderful hats. Let's take a look.

Cecilia c. 1790 - Cute straw bonnet with black trim? Nice

Mary Robinson as Perdita - A lovely asymettrical hat with feathers. Also cool trim on the bodice. She was a British poet/novelist, shown playing the part of Shakespeare's "The Winter Tale" heroine, Perdita. Also, she was George IV's first public mistress. Very nice.

Mary Benwell - Everything about this hat is so wide. It is beautiful.

Mary Boteler - This guy had a thing for Marys. Anyway, this might be my favorite. I just can't get over the double bows (with buckles?) as trim. I sort of want to make this hat.

The Hon. Mrs. Hugo Meynell - I love the way this one lies in the back, and the shallowness of the crown, and the big bow. I love bows!

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